Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters:
Me, the Boston Pobble: Indiana Jones wanna-be, city girl, carnie-at-heart; Lithus: helicopter pilot, partner in crime, best friend, husband;
Various: mechanics, employers, companies and locals we are lucky enough to meet along the way.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back on Duty

Not even going to try to catch up on everything since the last time I posted. Just jumping right in.

I've written before about Snorlax, and how he is my travel talisman. Generally speaking, he gets packed in Lithus' bag, while Bear comes with me.

Well, it's fire season here and now and, in case you haven't noticed, Alaska is ablaze.


Even though we started out in Oregon, Lithus got sent to Alaska, to fight the Rex Complex fire just outside of Clear.

We decided he should take Snorlax. Who is now back on duty, doing what he was always meant to do.

On the dash of the 61

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Krewe Of Boo 2014

Halloween is a big deal here in NOLA ~ only in the 4 years we have lived here, we had never been in town on the night. Until this year. This year, we ended up in New Orleans for Halloween. The stories that go with these pictures are here at Pobble Thoughts. Where you will read that my pictures didn't come out. Even though there are pictures posted here, that's still true. I've posted some anyway (and these are the good ones, if you can believe that).

This is the little guy Lithus helped get the balloon - that balloon actually. The picture makes him look about 10. That's a bigger truck than it appears, though, because in reality he was about 6

The Pussyfooters, an all-female social, marching club. I would LOVE to be a Pussyfooter.

Throws: cups and magnets. We also got 2 necklaces, flashing beads, caramel corn, and, intriguingly, limes.
And a good time was had by all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


A few years back, we were working in Coolin, Idaho. Spokane was the closest city, so when Lithus got his days off, we would head there. The Coolin gig turned into the Colville gig, and Spokane was still the closest city. For a little less than 2 years, Spokane was home away from home. At one point, I even commented that I really hoped one day I would feel about getting to NOLA the same way I felt about getting to Spokane, because one felt like home ~ and the other was where we lived. I had fallen in love with Spokane.

Whenever we would head back to NOLA, we'd store our car in a storage garage, leave it for the 2-6 weeks we'd be gone, and come back to it safe, secure, and in great shape. It was nice to just be able to leave everything we had ~ the clothes, the dishes, the dvds, Maurice the Traveling Moose, everything ~ there in the car and know it would be fine.

So, we locked it up, disconnected the battery, and walked away. A little over 2 years ago. We expected to be back in 3 weeks. Lithus's next tour started in 3 weeks. Only, he got another job. One that was nowhere near Spokane. And we never went back.

Until a couple weeks ago. And I remembered just why I loved Spokane.

First, the obligatory hotel shot:

Then the main reason we couldn't walk away from the car:

Maurice the Traveling Moose
We picked Maurice up in Coolin because, well, look at him. Absolutely no one else was gonna buy this guy. All the other moose were perky-eyed and happy looking and then there was Maurice. So we took him home and he became the car mascot. Mind you, there were great sweaters, lovely glasses, my favorite coat, and several dvds we wanted in the back of the car, too. But mostly, there was Maurice.

Once the car was in order, we listed it and sold it to the first person who called. We were officially on vacation, in my favorite city on the west coast.

The best Indian food outside of Boston or India

Best fun little shop ever

The steamed clams by which all others are measured, at Luigi's

We went to the Davenport Hotel for drinks and dinner one night. It's possible the Dav is my favorite hotel in the country. The ballroom was open.

Live fish in the lobby fountain

The lobby

We went on the gondola ride. Here's the thing about the gondolas: I'm a little afraid of heights. Crazy, given how much time I spend in helicopters, right? But I am. I have always hated ~ to the point of them making me cry ~ ferris wheels. The old people mover at the Disney parks? Hell. And then there was the time I tried to go to trapeze school with Nemeria. But I looked at Lithus and said "I can do that." So we did.

Very nervous

Verrrrrry nervous

If we'd ended up in the little white one, I'd've died

But then, at the turn around, it got better. I got better.

I was even able to shift to get a picture of the art

And turnaround in my seat

A beautiful peaceful ride
When you're with the right person

The trip had an interesting post script however. Lithus ended up not feeling well, so we spent an extra day to give him some recovery time (all's well, but it was best he not be on the plane at the time we were supposed to be on the plane).

Even the airport Ramada is lovely.

Beautiful architecture. Thriving arts and culture scene. Delicious food, and decadent drinking establishments. Gorgeous green spaces. Considerate and aware people. I do love Spokane.

Of course, it's also good when everybody gets home.